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Unlimited Storage On Google Photos! How to Get It? 


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Unlimited Storage On Google Photos! How to Get It?

Running Out of Storage? This has been a major problem for all of us! Storage on Smartphones has been a big issue for users especially with smartphone camera getting better day-by-day as they can capture high-resolution images and videos! Moreover, the Dual Sim Card Tray, without The Dedicated-Slot for SD Card have been a Issue Now!

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Now, You can easily Store your Images and Videos Online and Keep Your Space Free for Other Stuff! You can store your Images and Videos on Google Photos App! Google Photos is perhaps the right answer to this as Google allows Users to keep their images and videos stored over the cloud.

First Things First:

Users Don’t Need to manually convert all their photos and videos in high resolution, the Google Photos App Automatically Uploads all the photos and converts them to the high-resolution!

Pre-Required Stuff:

Version 4.15 or Above of Google Photos App

Working Internet Connection with Enough Data.

Google Photos

Here are the STEPS to Follow:

1. Tap on the ‘Backup Mode’ and Choose the Option ‘High Quality’

2. Open Google Photos App

3. Tap on the Three Horizontal Bars on the top right corner

4. Head to ‘Settings’ Option

5. Now, turn on the Toggle in front of ‘Back & Sync’

6. Tap on the ‘Backup Mode’ and choose the option ‘High Quality’

7. Head to ‘Back up device Folders’ and select all the folders you want to upload!

And Booom! You get Unlimited Space for Your Google Photos!

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