How to get free Netflix account



How to Make Unlimited Netflix Accounts🔰
Working in Zambia only or any other country with mobile money virtual VISA

1. *303# and make sure you are using MTN mobile money
2. Make sure you have at least K15 in your account ..😅don’t worry no balance deduction will be made 100% guarantee
3. Get a Momo visa on banking services
4. After getting it MTN will send 16 digit cc number + expiring date and cvv
And input your details if you want fake ones since you will be making multiple accounts 😉
5. On payment click debit/credit card and input CC info received from MTN and click start membership…
And complete all Account setups
Congrats you have your free Netflix account🎉
6. K13.27 will be deducted from your account just to verify if the CC is Valid …wait for 5-10 minutes and it will be reversed to your Account..
7. After the K13.27 is reversed to your account Dial *303# again and goto Bank services – MoMo Visa and Suspend the Virtual Visa..
🔴Note: if you want to make Many Accounts


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